Kitty Litter Cake

I’ve seen several versions of this – here’s mine…a lovely little treat I used to take in to share with rest of the school staff.  It always got lots of comments that’s for sure but it was much tastier than you might imagine!

Basically you need a brand spanking new, CLEAN cat litterbox and a scoop.  You need to prepare your favourite chocolate cake recipe and your favourite white cake recipe.  Bake these as per directions and remove from oven to cool completely on a rack.  When the cakes are cooled, you want to crumble them into a large bowl.

Use a package of Oreos or some other similar vanilla sandwich cookie and pulse these in the food processor to create crumbs.  Take about 1/4 cup of those cookie crumbs and use a little bit of green food colouring to tint them ( you want it to resemble those little bits of deodorizer granules present in cat litter).  Take 1/2 of the remaining cookie crumbs and add them to the bowl of crumbled cakes.

Prepare 2 pkgs. of instant vanilla pudding as per package directions.  Begin mixing as much of the pudding as needed into the cake mixture a little at a time until the crumbs are moistened but not soggy.  Some recipes call for lining the litterbox with one of those white plastic liners that they sell for it but I have concerns about the chemicals that might be given off into the food so I skipped that step.

Spread out the cake mixture into the litterbox.  Next comes the uh "fun" part.  You take Tootsie Rolls and warm them up a bit in the microwave (only run it for seconds at a time or you will have a gooey melted mess on your hands!).  You just want to make them more pliable.  Take the softened Tootsie Rolls and well, "shape them" into what would resemble the usual occupants of a litterbox.  Uh yeah, by that I don’t mean the kitties! 

Oh do I have to spell it out for you?  Fine.  You are warming up the Tootsie Rolls and then shaping them with your fingers to make little cat poops.  There, I said it.  They look more, uh, realistic if you add a little curve to them and taper the ends into points.  Please don’t ask me how I know this.  Take these little delights and bury some in the cake mixture in the litterbox.  A few can be placed on top of the "cake" and it’s always really special to take at least one and dangle it over the edge of the litterbox.  Yum! This sounds really appetizing doesn’t it?  Thing is, it’s really delicious…kind of like one of those pudding cakes.

Now, remember those reserved cookie crumbs (both plain and green)?  Sprinkle those over the cake and Tootsie Rolls in the litterbox to resemble the granules of litter.  You might want to have reserved a few of the Tootsie Rolls (see how delicate I am being about this?) to go on last so that they look like they are, uh, fresh.  Yeah, I kind of even grossed myself out with that one!  Place the litterbox scoop next to the litterbox as a serving utensil for that one final "gross ’em out" touch!

Place the litterbox on top of newspapers to serve for one last flourish!


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