More (Creative and Educational) Uses for Leftover Halloween Candy

I just read the October issue of Family Fun magazine (don’t judge me..I was only just recently able to find a copy of it!) and was really excited by this article I found in it about what the Leavitt family of Washington do with their leftover Halloween candy.  They perform science experiments with it!  Since that time, they have found that their children eat less of the candy, preferring to save it for use in the experiments.  In addition, as they started doing more experiments, they began to take note of the sugar and fat content of the candies to see if there was any correlation between those factors and their results.  These results have turned them off of certain candies and what candies they do eat, they do so with more awareness.  They have now set up a website outlining the experiments they have done so that you too can give it a try.  They even have (tucking this idea away for next year!) experiment cards that you can download and give out for Halloween to encourage others to take part.  I can even see this as a wonderful post-Halloween activity for teachers to do with their classes (and a great way to keep them from eating so much of it!).



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