Now What?

Now that Halloween’s over for another year (boo! hiss! Waaah!), what are you going to do with all that leftover candy?  If you’re like me, you choose the candy you want to hand out on the basis of what you would most like to be stuck with in case there’s any left.  And in the neighbourhoods in which we have lived in recent years, there is almost always some left over as we simply don’t get many trick or treaters.  In addition, when my daughter was young enough to go out trick or treating herself, she would come home with enough candy to supply a small army.  I always found myself tossing out the majority of her Halloween candy when I would decide to sort out the pantry to make room to accommodate the influx of Easter candy.  So rather than waste it all and send it to the dumpster are there any other options for all of those goodies? 

First off, certainly some of these leftover delights are going to be consumed the old fashioned way…just eating them as they were meant to be enjoyed.  If that’s the case for you, just be sure to use some common sense about eating that candy (or allowing your children to).  Rachael Ray has a frequent guest on her show – David Zinkzenko, the author of Eat This Not That and he offers valuable suggestions on making wise choices of the healthier foods by sharing some information and debunking some myths. 

For the Halloween show, he made the following suggestions:  A Pay Day chocolate bar and 9 Hershey’s Kisses both have the same amount of calories in them, but a good deal of those calories come from fat in the case of the kisses.  In a Pay Day bar, the majority of the calories come from peanuts, a heart healthy food.  When it came to licorice vs. chocolate covered raisins, he noted that licorice is pretty much just chewy sugar but that at least the raisins by their very nature have that serving of fruit in them.   When it comes to candy corn, in a previous post, I stated that one cup of candy corn has fewer calories than a cup of raisins but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are better for you!  In the case of candy corn vs. caramels though you definitely want to go with the candy corn.  It’s basically just sugar (not great for you but not a heart risk) whereas the caramels are made of 10% fat.  He compared them to “little chocolate hamburgers”.  Hungry Girl, another frequent guest on Rachael Ray’s show, also offers advice on the healthiest choices for various foods and offers this list to help you pick out your best options for Halloween.

The following sites contain recipe ideas on what to do with those leftover candies:

One of my friends used to save the chocolate bars and peanut butter cups and other such things and then melt them down to make Christmas candies.  There is no science to this and if you happen to have several kinds of chocolate bars, you won’t know for sure what kind of results you will get until you mix them together and try it, but she never had a failure!  Melt these down and then pour into appropriate candy moulds.  You can also make chocolate sauce for over ice cream and cakes out of these candies. 



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