More Ghoulish Delights

Wormy Hotdogs

Cut hotdogs lengthwise in quarters and grill.  As they cook, they will naturally curl up and take on a “wormy” appearance.  Serve these with your usual hotdog toppings but remember that for that eerie Halloween touch, you might want to use those weird coloured condiments like purple ketchup.  Now how to serve these?  I can picture one of those fake human skulls in the center of a platter with the worms all around and crawling in and around the openings like the eye sockets.  When I first saw this recipe, they had it placed in a dish with a fake hand which was also effective.  Of course there’s always the idea above…where they used a pumpkin and cut a “mouth” in it and had the dip spilling out…I can picture the worms spilling out instead. 

 Halloweenitini: (from the Food Network):  Begin by taking one cup of candy corn and dump it into 3 cups of vodka for a minimum of 3 hours.  Strain.  For two drinks, use 4 oz. of the flavoured vodka, 3 oz. orange liqueur, 2 T. lemon juice, an egg white, and some ice.  Put these ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake up!  Strain this mixture and serve in chilled martini glasses.  Garnish? Candy corn of course.

 Hungry Girl’s Halloween food ideas video

 More Halloween dinner ideas

 Spooky Stew   

 Jack O’Lantern that looks like it’s ummmm vomiting guacamole  

 Jack O Lantern cheeseburger pie

 Mummy Dogs


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