Halloween Week Menu

This menu plan with recipes is just wonderful!  What a lucky family to have these meals for Halloween week…yummy healthy home cooking but still Halloween themed!  The menu includes:  Mini Pizza Mummies, Sausage Potato Soup with Spooky Lady Fingers, Mummy Hotdogs, Mummy Meatloaf, and Ghost Grilled Cheese.  PS – Check out the rest of her blog for fabulous ideas for other menus and crafts.



3 Responses to “Halloween Week Menu”

  1. I’m not sure how much of this my kids will eat, but it’s sure fun making it! ha. Thanks for linking!

  2. Mmmmm! Friends and I once had a Halloween based girlfriend party. We had some pretty good eats with some ghastly names! This looks like fun and maybe next year I’ll try a few.

  3. I am LOVING this blog Cyn!
    Let me know if you want some of the public domain clip art sites I use – there are a few others as well that are free to use… be glad to share them with you.
    Anita Marie

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